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I am proud that this is nothing new for CEZ Group. At CEZ Group we are fully aware of the responsibility we share for the state of the environment that surrounds us, and we have made CSR a part of our strategic planning as well as the day-to-day work of all our employees, co-workers, and suppliers.

CSR pervades the activities of the whole corporation, including those of all integrated Group companies.

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CEZ Group takes seriously its responsibilities toward shareholders, employees, the environment, and the public. We are continuously searching for new ways to improve our systems and cooperation.

Of course, we are responsible stewards of our tangible assets, but we also care for the intangible capital contained in natural resources, the value of our brand, and our relationships, which are characterized by trust and partnership.

We are modernizing our technologies and techniques, introducing innovative production processes, and investing large sums in environmental protection and safety. We pay considerable attention to science and research. Through our seven fundamental business principles, we adhere to ethical behavior standards in all our dealings, both inside and outside the Group.

Our corporate culture creates an atmosphere of open communication and cooperation. One decision that contributes to this is the creation of the new position of ČEZ Ombudsman. Each year, we donate large sums through the ČEZ Foundation as well as other long-term philanthropic activities. For us, donorship is an integral part of CSR, based on the principle of shared well-being. In drafting this report, the authors drew from their experience with demand for this type of information and included in the report only the most frequently requested topics.

The last Corporate Social Responsibility Report was published inand since that time a number of conditions — legislative, economic, social, cultural, and other — have changed. But the development of CEZ Group has also shifted, as we take on more and more responsibility toward the public and the environment in which we operate and carry on our business activities.

During the past two years, the individual companies that make up CEZ Group have undergone major technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging, moving them toward a more pronounced customer focus, in which they have been aided by the corporate culture that CEZ Group cultivates.

The next edition of this report is planned for It is our wish that these developments will be favorable for CEZ Group technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging other entities. Various advertising campaigns and materials for customers, including the so-called Orange Guidebook, represent another mode of communication.

Orange Guidebook With the general public and those interested in electric power, we communicate through Information Centers located in our power plants. CEZ Group addresses the professional public, students, and job candidates through its presence at various exhibitions, trade shows, and professional gatherings.

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Another way we communicate with the broadest target groups is through the media: television, radio, nationwide and regional dailies, weeklies, and monthlies, as well as information servers on the Internet. CEZ Group provides comprehensive information services, including visual reports, at its website www.

Information is available there in the Czech and English languages, as well as some information in the German language. Selected reports are also published in the Polish language. The principal aim is to give the target group — the public and our business partners in particular — a point of reference, as well as to inform them and capture their attention.

For any details on how to use the logo, color scheme, and typeface, they can refer to technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging website www.

It takes the form of a square with a stylized letter E in the center, symbolizing energy. The simple geometric lines in combination with bold color evoke the basic characteristics of CEZ Group: stability, effectiveness, openness, reliability.

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Finally, anyone who wishes to use the logo in a document, must always choose the logo size carefully. Symbolizing the sun, the color orange is optimistic and modern. These cold colors evoke feelings of decency and dignity and provide a good contrast to the basic orange, which is enhanced thereby. There are a large number of templates and all are available to employees. Communication with the media is: regular, ongoing, as-needed, open, friendly.

Media representatives can contact CEZ Group through the press spokespersons and their teams of co-workers, who together bear responsibility for handling CEZ Group communications.

Also at their disposal is the CEZ Group website, www. As the volume of media appearances and mentions rises, the number of positive materials published goes up as well.

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InCEZ Group issued press releases, i. The most successful initiative ofin terms of media coverage, was the Appliance Scrappage Payments program. Media interest focused particularly on events related to volunteer activities, sponsorship, and customer events. In the second half ofthe media mentioned ČEZ in nearly 22, cases and the number of media appearances for the entire year was 40, in the Czech Republic.

Foreign media accounted for another 20, appearances. Most frequently, CEZ Group was presented in the media as: a socially responsible corporation, an organization that supports nuclear power and alternative sources of energy, a customer-oriented company, a well-run, dynamic company, an attractive employer.

CEZ Group received the most coverage in regional media outlets and Internet servers, and the Group also registered a high degree of interest from news agencies and the servers akcie. The project was implemented through various forms of technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging press, Internet, the website www. These activities were also supported by regional press conferences at Orange Fields and Orange Playgrounds, celebrities in attendance at the events, and commercial presentations in the press.

A presentation was available on the website www. The mode of communication is determined by the type of target group. CEZ Group appreciates the public, which perceives us as a strong power company, and pays due attention to communicating with the public.

In it reached a recordpeople interested in the technical details of how electricity is made and handled.

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They included individuals as well as parents with technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging coming to see how certain phenomena work.

They are reliable and really work, and with their help even those who would under other circumstances be afraid of the closed-in space can tour the power plant. Encounter Dinosaurs 3D technology is no longer just an attraction that belongs in movie theatres. At the Ledvice Power Station Information Center, opened in latethis technology allows visitors to walk among prehistoric animals.

Tourists are tuning in to technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging technical wonders of the Czech Republic and are on the look-out for new and interesting experiences. As a result, the Spálov small-scale hydro power plant is now part of the Riegrova stezka tourist trail and the new Alternative Energy Sources Information Center in Hradec Králové, which opened its doors in mid, has expanded opening hours.

At meters, it will be even higher than the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. In light of this, communication with professionals is a very important area for CEZ Group.

CEZ Group cooperates with professional circles in the following ways: through targeted advertisements in trade journals and other professional literature such as monographies and university textbooks, through our own lectures or by sponsoring professional conferences, by focusing on research and development.

Therefore, in it established an education program for them, which has become ever more and more popular and sought after since then. In terms of size and scope, ours is one of the top programs of its kind in the country. A catalog with detailed information on the education program can be found at the address www.

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You can also learn about the program at the Information Centers of ČEZ power plants and in the student magazine Třetí pól Third Pole — at the website www. Also, certain parts of the program such as, for example, the Encyclopedia and computer programs, are also mentioned in media advertisements.

Jihlava organized a special seminar for teachers, where it presented the Gamabeta, a new teaching aid for doing ionizing radiation experiments. Technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging it established the World of Energy Club for active physics teachers. The club currently has members, who gather for events organized by CEZ Group. The Club has already organized nine two-day gatherings with lectures and visits to attractive ČEZ plant sites. Summer Physics School designated for technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging applicants to the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering and the Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, provides lectures and learning materials to help students prepare for future study.

A number of talented students who participated in the above competitions now work for CEZ Group.

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The Czech Republic, too, must face the problems that this brings. One example is recruitment at CEZ Group, which will need to hire as many as 12, new employees by the year CEZ Group is taking an active role in changing the way physics is taught. Through the World of Energy Club, technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging organize various training programs and seminars where physics teachers are introduced to modern teaching methods.

Another lecture gives teachers hands-on experience with the Gamabeta teaching aid that ČEZ offers to schools and which serves to demonstrate attributes, phenomena, and laws of nuclear physics and ionizing radiation, as well as teach students how to protect themselves and others from its effects. Technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging this area, CEZ Group is focusing on certain high schools and universities with which we have formed close alliances.

Currently we are cooperating with: 32 secondary schools and grammar schools, 11 university faculties. Through the Education Program, ČEZ is also technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging to develop study materials for all levels of schools, getting its experts involved in teaching at universities, and teaching high school teachers how to make learning physics fun for students.

The objective is to give students a chance to see nuclear power plant operations close-up and get them interested in studying power engineering, or otherwise continuing in their studies at technical universities.

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CEZ Group also supports the development and establishment of special study areas, such as the Energy study area at the Secondary Industrial School in Třebíč, which was newly opened in From among the participants, CEZ Group selects secondary cooling circuit operators for its plant operations. This is a one-year development program enabling selected participants to participate in interesting projects, acquisitions, etc.

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CEZ Group Electronic Communications CEZ Group electronic presentations and communications make it easy for shareholders and others to gain access to the information they need.

CEZ Group presents a comprehensive information service, including visual reports, at its website www. The information is presented here in Czech and English, and partially in German as well, and selected reports are also published in Polish.

On the blog a website with articles and other contributions located at the address blog. By year endapproximately 58, visitors had read 38 blogs from various CEZ Group authors. CEZ Group also provides a moderated discussion under each blog entry. In particular, we utilize the Facebook network, where we maintain the following pages: www.

CEZ Group is present on the Twitter platform at the address twitter. This tool is used by CEZ Group mostly to distribute press releases, particularly to people who access the Internet through their cell phones.

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Nor is the YouTube platform neglected. The ČEZ Ombudsman also deals with cases where a customer believes that actions taken by a CEZ Group company or its employees were in violation of the law or ethical principles.