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The Czech and Slovak Republics have existed independently since What were the key moments in Czech-Slovak music history, what are the pluses and minuses of both music scenes? ALEX: That is a difficult question.

Otakar Hromádko

Of course, there were the formative moments in the s and s, artists like Dežo Ursiny, the rock and jazz generations, the alternative music of Collegium Musicum. That record exploded in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. It is interesting krém proti vráskám 20 let Moruša contained seven, eight minute long, very complex compositions with a unique approach to songwriting and with Slavic, particularly Slovak, melodies.

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Speaking to music journalists, the album seemed really important to us in the sense of performance, that is to say if you feel passionate about something and you do things in a way that you believe, you can be successful with something even as complex as the Moruša project. Since that moment the Slovak alternative scene began to take off relatively quickly, it was a motivational force for Slovak artists who could see that with that kind of music they could achieve something.

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Of course, there is a  connection with a big name, such as Jana Kirchner who brings in so much music history. Do you reckon that thanks to this album the Slovak scene became more attractive abroad? Is it also due to Eddie Stevens?

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ALEX: Maybe yes. If you go to a Jana Kirchner concert, they do things like Eddie empties a bag full of tennis balls into the open top of a concert piano.

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Now he has started working with other Slovak artists too. Sure all this did not happen overnight, it takes time. Do you have any such moment in mind? To me, it was a very important message, not only politically, but also the fact that a Canadian guy living in Prague could put together such a gigantic concert.

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It very clearly stated that the market was open. Then I have memories about coming here with Hungarian bands. We could name those who opened the door and showed us how strong the local scene was, people like Iva Bittová or Jiří Stivín. When Sunshine grew, aroundwe asked ourselves how to look at the whole regionhow to develop it, how to co-operate locally.

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Nowadays, it is down to a number of smaller details — I am totally amazed by people from all over the world, who move to and fro and try to fit in and boost regioleague suisse anti aging local scene, not for the sake of their careers but because they want to do it. They both support independence, freedom and creative thinking in music.

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I also think they were the driving mechanism, which helped "Moruša" and other projects to be so strong. Is it possible to detect the split between the Czech and Slovak Republics in our music scenes?

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Some people may disagree with me, but I agree with what Mišo Kaščák said, that in a way it is a pity that the two countries separated. As for the music scene, my ALEX: feeling is that no split ever happened. The are so many interconnections and circumstances that it seems to me we are one country. I also work for the Slovak label Slnko Records and we always feel so well received in the Czech Republic, by the media, the festivals and the business people.

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And I think it works the same way the other way round, for the Czechs in Slovakia. Not everything works the exactly same in both countries. What works in the Czech Republic may not regioleague suisse anti aging in Slovakia, but apart from that I see no major differences.

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I am glad the bonds are still strong and I hope they will stay that way and that moments like the Czechoslovak Focus may further reinforce these ties. I watched local events from a  distance but I  can imagine that as a fifteen year old boy I would have felt sorry about the separation, although I understand the national question and local patriotism.

But how can you completely separate two cultures that are so closely intertwined?

  • When his father died in in World War I, the family mother, grandparents and Otakar with 3 siblings moved to town Německý Brod.
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If I  look at Belgium, with two languages and two totally different cultures, getting a Flemish band to the French area is not easy, they even have two export agencies.

The Czechoslovak scene is far more interconnected. It is obvious the Slovak bands have no problem with playing in the Czech Republic, yet bigger media regioleague suisse anti aging would not be amiss.